P2P Exchanger 2018 Q3

  • Just like a bad habit, dealing with centralized transactions has grown irksome to most people.
    It is vexing to have to rely on a financial body when it comes to your own money. Even with a single touch on your smart devices, all our transactions right down to checking our balance is a no-go without the green light of these centralized parties, just like our savings accounts.



  • So how do we deal with funds such as Bitcoin that are under their control? There are a few options that users can venture to try, such as decentralized platforms and so on. One popular method is the peer-to-peer trading featured by LocalBitcoins. But this will potentially lend users a different set of issues. Crowding LocalBitcoins can cause centralization effects to occur, and this will only render its uniqueness moot. Consequently, more Bitcoin related peer-to-peer trading has mushroomed.



  • P2P Exchanger, a newer platform, is not your ordinary medium. Focusing on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Acecoin, P2P Exchanger pledges to be the safer bet with Escrow protection for all traders, be it buyers or sellers. Join the listings for all your trading needs, just remember that maintaining trust is explicit as P2P Exchanger is steadfast in safeguarding all transactions to conclusion.

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