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Nizal Mohammad started off as a Journalist with Berita Harian and moved on to become a Magazine Editor, before assuming various executive secretarial and directorial posts with several community councils and agencies. In 1994, he joined TV3 as a Presenter and Executive Broadcast Journalist. Subsequently, he worked his way up to become a Producer, Anchor, Coordinator and Trainer within the span of 10 years.

The former host of popular TV programmes such as Malaysia Hari Ini and Bincang Petang believes in striving for excellence, without compromising one’s virtures and integrity. He is also the pioneer host for the programmes Jejak Rasul and Al-Kuliyyah.

After leaving TV3/Media Prima Berhad in April 2007, he had taken a number of hosting jobs as a freelance presenter for various media corporations. Amongst them are Astro (Angkasa1), TV Alhijrah (Bicara), Antarapos.com (Firasat & Meja Bulat) and Capital TV (RealTalk). He had also deejayeds at THR.fm and Bernama Radio24. Whilst he was at Capital TV, he co-hosted the GE13 Special (Capital TV’s cover of the 13th General Election) and also hosted the programme RealTalk. Recently during the Hajj season of 2015, Nizal hosted Labbaikallah on Alhijrah, a live talk show on Hajj. Nizal had also hosted his own radio show When The Night Falls ~ Bila Larut Malam, on an IP radio eWana.fm in 2014. On Sundays, he deejayed part time for several segments at MaTiC.fm, an IP radio for the Malaysian Tourism Centre in 2015.

Selangor-born Nizal has represented Malaysia during the World Conference for Youth in British Columbia, Canada as well as the International Youth Camp, Cairo, Egypt. He describes his greatest achievement as the setting up of his own foundation, Yayasan Ilham Budi. He also designed and conducted the Community Development Workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan in 1992 and many other modules and programmes.

Currently, he conducts corporate and public training on areas such as media relations, effective communication, corporate social responsibility, interpersonal skill and youth development apart from fulfilling engagements for paper presentations and talks while involving in many capacity building and nation building initiatives.

He has coached and trained many professionals and individuals on effective communication, TV hosting, personal grooming and interpersonal skills, among many others. Some of the agencies and corporations he had engaged with are Ministry of International Trade and Industries (MITI), Ministry of Youth and Sports, Telekom Malaysia (TM), Petronas Chemical Group Berhad, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) and many more.

He holds certifications for Train the Trainer (ITC Management), Skills for an Empowered Workforce (SEW) Instructor (Professional certification awarded by DDI-International based in USA), Postgraduate Diploma in Asia Pacific Regional Business Development from Berne University of Applied Science, Switzerland and Master of Oxcel (Oxford Centre for Leadership) which is a non-academic blended learning certification awarded by Oxcel.

Nizal is much respected by the broadcasting industry and is taken as a living legend for talk shows. He has been invited for many consecutive years as the juror for Anugerah Skrin, the annually held popular award presentation programme hosted by TV3. Apart from holding the post as President of Yayasan Ilham Budi, he is also the President and Founder of Neo Universe Sdn Bhd and was awarded the Fellow of OXCEL. He was recently appointed as the Principal of OXCEL Youth Leadership Programme for Malaysia beginning December 2017.

Al Khan Abdul Gani is very much a self-motivated and diligent individual, always keen on developing his skills to take on whatever challenges that come his way.

After obtaining his degree in Computer Science at Universiti Teknikal Melaka (UTeM) and interning at the Open University Malaysia in Sandakan, he went on to work at Powercomp Resources.

After spending five years working in teams dealing with .net and VB6.0-related projects, he moved to Dell Global Business Centre, where he worked as a software development senior analyst.

During the time that Al Khan worked at Dell (being the hardworking, diligent person that he is), he decided to further his studies and obtained a Master of Computer Science, majoring in Software Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

After spending three years at Dell, Al Khan had a short stint at Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd as a senior automation engineer, working on the development and maintenance of sophisticated standalone software and plugins that suited the company’s business requirements. At the same company, he also developed integration requirements, workflows, api and plugins between existing platforms for construction operations.

In April 2017, Al Khan began working as a senior technology consultant at Cloud Connect Sdn Bhd, where he got involved in government and private sector Big Data projects. Within the same year, he began his journey with FinTech Capital Sdn Bhd. His role as the technical manager requires him to be responsible for managing projects as well as ensuring that they meet technical requirements. He was afterwards appointed as the CEO of the company, administering its overall success. As FinTech Capital Limited’s dexterous commander, Al Khan assumes the responsibility in creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the organization. His strong leadership maintains the awareness of external and internal competitive scene, motivating all to adaptability, making way for new industry developments.

 His years of experience in these academic institutions and companies have helped him obtain strong troubleshooting skills and all other necessary knowledge and traits needed to play his role in this company well.



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RYU LIN, a Taiwanese based in Tainan, Taiwan is a graduate from Corning University (formerly known as Leader University) in Tainan with a Bachelors Degree in Visual and Mass Communication.

Starting his career as a designer in an advertising firm, he continued to strive upwards into the media industry, first working in printing and commercial photography before landing the position of Director in charge of web-based products in a local Taiwanese company.

Ryu’s belief in self-confidence, honesty, integrity and hard work plays an integral part in creating one’s future. His previous involvement in web-based companies led him to become a part of a pioneering group involved in cryptography in Taiwan.

When cryptocurrency was first introduced in Taiwan, he and a couple of close friends decided that it was the next big thing to boom in the financial world. That led him to become one of the first few handful of players involved in the crypto platform in Taiwan.

After successfully obtaining some experiences in Forex trading and the US stock exchange, Ryu decided to try his luck in several other pioneer crypto exchanges, such as Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and several Chinese internal exchanges. Still maintaining his confidence in crypto itself, many of the shortcomings of the exchanges made Ryu decide that it was time for a “complete exchange" that can incorporate all features available to “real" investors.

His vision came with the introduction of some IT individuals during his visit to Malaysia. During a luncheon, the topic of creating an exchange similar to what Ryu had in mind was brought up. That was when the idea of creating Ace Exchange was conceived.

With his vast experience in trading, Ryu has been able to contribute his expertise to the team. His previous collaboration with Forex exchanges, working as advisor and handler of several backoffice systems, has provided him with a springboard into the cryptoworld in both China and Taiwan. He is also well-known to crypto investors both locally and abroad who seek his advice on the current crypto situation and infrastructures.

Now appointed as Chief Marketing Officer, we believe that he has the appeal to garner recognition in international marketing. This would be beneficial for beginners with a vision for the future cryptoworld.

Ahmed El Halabi has always been an achiever; be it in academics or his professional life. After acquiring a degree in computer system engineering, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Information Technology at the National University of Malaysia – one of the leading universities in Malaysia.

He believes in success through hard work and dedication. While pursuing his studies, he worked part-time in various capacities including in office management, project management and telecommunication. This has helped him gain the combination of valuable conceptual and practical knowledge.

The cross-disciplinary and actual execution of theory and real-life experiences gave him the ability to master multi-tasking and flexibility in a broad range of demanding situations with confidence, effectiveness and professionalism.

He is also well-equipped with the experience in developing and producing effective, safe and friendly beauty and skincare products. Some of his products are being used by prominent spas in Kuala Lumpur.



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