Cryptocurrency is Definitely Looking Up!

Speculations are just that, speculations. Let us hereby reassure you with facts.

And the fact of the matter here is that once Acecoin is listed on the exchange, its ICO price will be based on the market exchange rate.

There is also a speculation rampantly targeting Malaysia’s unstable political scene, and how it can affect Acecoin’s Roadmap and future developments.

The political situation in Malaysia has remained stable despite the surprising change in the country’s ruling administration. Things are looking up nonetheless for cryptocurrency as it is becoming more and more accepted by the public.

This was apparent even before Malaysia’s 2018 general election. The former opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan even has their own coin, Harapan Coin.

Image result for harapancoin

As Pakatan Harapan is now the ruling government, cryptocurrency will face a brighter future on the homefront. Therefore, rumours circulating on crypto’s bleak state in Malaysia remain as rumours.

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