We Are Still Here…

Dear Acecoiners,

In light of unprecedented and unforeseen circumstances that delayed our expected launch of AceXchange on the 8th of June 2018 together with the start of our second round of ICO, we unreservedly apologised for causing a panic amongst our supporters and followers, especially WeToken as our TGE partner who has taken most of the barrage of criticisms.

An unexpected major technical flaw was discovered thus prompting us to act accordingly. Ace Global Holdings Limited would like to ensure all Acecoiners that we only deliver the best and only the best will satisfy us. We are not a company that delivers compromised products and thus this delay is necessary to obtain more time to rectify the issues at hand.

Nevertheless, the never tiring IT team will be coming up with a beta version of the exchange in the next couple of days and in order to serve the best to all supporters and followers, we will be inviting you all to try out the beta version and we have taken the initiative to blend all requests from Acecoiners into AceXchange.

In other words, AceXchange will be incorporating all requested features from you crypto lovers and traders into our exchange to create a more personalised exchange JUST FOR YOU!!! So sit back and relax a bit while we prepare the launch of the beta. We will be keeping you all updated.

Meanwhile, stay tuned and WE ARE STILL HERE…

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